Kerosene Oil Price in Pakistan

In this page, we discuss Kerosene Oil price in Pakistan. Unfortunately, the price of Kerosene Oil in Pakistan has been fluctuating in recent years. Whenever there is any change in the price of Kerosene Oil, people want to check the new price of Kerosene Oil. Check now the latest Kerosene Oil price here. The price of Kerosene Oil in Pakistan is Rs 188.66 per litre. Now Kerosene Oil prices in Pakistan are revised every fifteen (15) days, which means Kerosene Oil prices change on 1st and 16th of every month. However, a new Kerosene Oil price has been announced from 16 March, 2024.

Current Kerosene Oil Price

188.66(PKR) Per Liter

Mitti Ka Tail Price in Pakistan

Mitti kay tail ki majooda qeemat niche di gai hai.

Fuel TypeSKO Kerosene Oil (Mitti Ka Tail)
Petrol Price till 15 March 2024190.01(PKR)
FluctuationsDecrease by PKR -1.35
Petrol Price from 16 March 2024188.66(PKR)